Online Companion to Problems in Analytic Philosophy
Editors (2013-2016): João Branquinho (University of Lisbon) and Ricardo Santos (University of Lisbon)
Editors (2017-2022):  Ricardo Santos (University of Lisbon) and Pedro Galvão (University of Lisbon)
Editors (2023-):  Ricardo Santos (University of Lisbon) and David Yates (University of Lisbon)

Publisher: Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon

ISBN: 978-989-8553-22-5

The Online Companion to Problems in Analytic Philosophy, an open acess and dynamic volume written in Portuguese, consists of specialized essays on topics belonging to core areas of contemporary analytic philosophy (broadly conceived). The Online Companion articles are state of the art essays tackling issues and problems that are somehow salient in current philosophical reflection and research. Typically, each article formulates and characterizes a topic in the light of the current state of its discussion, introduces the main views about the topic, as well as the associated arguments, and critically assesses the pros and cons of such views and arguments.

The volume is intended to meet an important need in the Portugueses-speaking community of researchers in Analytical Philosophy around the world, the need for high-quality material written in Portuguese and covering core areas of Analytic Philosophy. In particular, the volume will be highly useful to hundreds of graduate students at departments of Philosophy and related disciplines in Universities in Portugal, Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.


At an earlier stage, the focus is placed upon issues dealing with the nature of language, mind and cognition. The volume is originally organized around three broad domains:

  • Logic and Language, including Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, etc.
  • Mind and Cognition, including Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action, Foundations of Cognitive Science, etc.
  • Metaphysics, including Ontology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Religion, etc.

At a later stage, the volume is also meant to cover areas located within so-called Practical Philosophy, such as Ethics, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, Political Philosophy, etc.


Before being published, each Companion article undergoes a careful process of peer-reviewing involving at least two experts in the area of the article.


The volume is partly the result of the research project PTDC/FIL-FIL/121209/2010, funded by the Fundação Portuguesa para a Ciência e a Tecnologia from 2012 to 2015, and is a separate collection of the Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa.